Projects and materials for furnishing LightsOn


LightsOn believes that the design is fully expressed if there is a personal relationship between designer and developer. The greatness of Italian design is very dependent on design creativity but even more by the creativity of those who can then carry out the masterplan. LightsOn correlates the mark to the craftsmanship and when alchemy reaches its peak the product is then naturally born. Following this are the tests on the market and finally the production.


LightsOn believes in the expressive capacity of the basic and natural materials: research, selection, respect of what Mother Nature offers us is the foundation of every product proposed. When possible the materials are also presented in their raw state, lightly polished in order to delight the senses of both touch and sight.


LightsOn believes in the social function of its task, working on preserving handycraft, the respect of nature and man, the launching of young people into the labor market. All this is aimed at obtaining democratic design products where the price is not a deterrent to purchase. There are no storehouses, wholesalers, agents or intermediaries: the carrier collects the products from the workshop and delivers it directly to the buyer. For this reason Lightson chose to be a Benefit Company


LightsOn believes in a business model that takes into account the new online buying habits but which is also able to satisfy the traditional buyer. An accurate and narrow circle of retailers in Italy and the same amount abroad will enable direct sales of the products at the extremely attractive price offered on the website.

Relazione annuale sul perseguimento del beneficio comune

LightsOn S.r.l., nell'esercizio della sua attvità economica, persegue finalità di beneficio comune ed opera in modo responsabile, sostenibile e trasparente.