Upholstered Lightson

Come in and discover the sophistication of the LightsOn design of padded (upholstered) chairs

LightsOn is little inclined towards the work of upholstery and harness, but has not been able to exempt from the search for specific skills in the area so that it could be revisit the L58 seating designed by Edoardo Gellner in 1958, in order to enrich the collection with the'elegance of a padded (upholstered) chair design. We also had to adjust the ergonomics, because of the different height of contemporary people which is increased compared to that of sixty years ago, and construction technology in order to overcome the stringent tests of Catas. Then when Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa  honored Luciano Marson by way of the L16 project chair we found it necessary to become experts of technical fabrics, elastic, quilting, cutting and stitching; in short we were able to ensure that we can comfortably sit on a cloud. For the future we are assuming to seat people on soft wood as well as on SANAA clouds.