LightsOn wooden stools and designer chairs

At the crossroads between tradition and modern: the LightsOn proposals for wooden stools and designer chairs

expression of the  enormous respect for the experience, tradition and the recent past that have generated models that have become classics, emblems of elegance ergonomics durability. When you "savor" our  chair or stool it seems to have always belonged to us but instead are designed, manufactured and tested in a few months being only inspired from icons of sitting. The chair L60 comes from the classic Milan, but has been enlarged to make the seat more comfortable and the backrest has been completely redesigned and colored by our Visual Annalisa Berardi in order to obtain a contrast effect with the structure, specifically to emphasize the intervention. To accompany the chair stool L60 was then created in two versions, with and without backrest. All models in this section contain very similar interventions, targeted to expand the comfort and the area of ​​use: the L09 has been converted into a coffee table and may become a seat for children or for adults, starting from a 1964 Edoardo Gellner project for Enrico Mattei and ENI.

L60 chair
L60 stool
L60 stool with frame
Cushion for L60
L60 Cover