LightsOn designer Wall furniture

The refinement of LightsOn designer wall furniture creations

With the Contemporary wall furniture proposals, LightsOn reach a fine balance between refined  design and solid structure. In the concept phase the wall cabinets are designed as wooden sheets that become unframed paintings. The facades are fractionated in an irregular manner to leave intact the global perception of the continuous grain of the wood, and they expand in respect to the containment body: a monolith that has the "spacer" function with respect to the wall that houses it. With the opening of the doors you come into contact with composing matter : solid  wood stabilized by two poplar leaves, two in fiber and two final layers of selected ash, treated with the same careful  attention to both outside and inside. The facades are of Blockboard solid wood, built with seven different levels of material in place of the three levels; This ensures the coplanarity and a weight that does not aggravate the task of the hinges  which are invisible to the sight in order to view a piece of furniture of equal beauty and linearity even when opened.

L31 wall cabinet
L31 on frame
L31 on legs
L31 2015