Social Design Magazine
15ft February 2015
Social Design Magazine

There are furnishings that with great ease can you tell us about reminding contemporary who we are and where we come from.

Furnishings were born in the past, but with a soul that anticipates the future. The L58 of LightsOn seat is definitely one of these.

In 1958 the famous architect Edoardo Gellner created the L58 chair for an interior design project linked to a piece of Italian history: the social Village ENI "Corte di Cadore" wanted by Enrico Mattei. Gellner, that Mattei had entrusted the design of the resort in the Dolomites, conceived the L58 chair for Motelagip Tavern Club Village.

Updated by Studio_Gellner Cortina D'Ampezzo - who has an office in the home and studio of Ca 'del Cembro - and produced by LightsOn, the L58 is a comfortable padded seat and stitched neatly, with frame in stained beech wenge or gray in color. Thanks to his strong personality fits into any environment with great versatility.

Beautiful alone but in groups, normally associate to compositions of his companion of choice: the stool L09, also designed by Studio Gellner and produced by LightsOn.