Gianni Antoniali
“Gianni with his masterly choices of lights mixed with compositional skills makes the difference and transforms a product in an undisputed protagonist “It is the use of light which allows Gianni to transform the set in a “Theater room” where the representation is able to reproduce emotional small miracles that are repeated day after day. Continue
Barazzuol ⁄ Malisan
Roberto Barazzuol and Cristian Malisan come from different design experiences but have in common the same passion for history of design and visual arts. In 2010, together they opened a workshop for research, art direction, corporate identity, exhibition and product design. Continue
Annalisa Berardi
Visual e designer Continue
Hans Coray
Shape optimization, technical expertise, knowledge of materials have always marked his work. His innovative progect research, a mix of casual spontaneity and great precision, was concentrated on the study of fundamental forms easy to produce and capable of different variations. Continue
Edoardo Gellner
In the course of his long career Gellner has investigated every aspect of the multifaceted world of architecture: the public and private interiors, graphics and photography, architecture and urban planning, landscape. He’s also well known for his many publications on the landscape and rural architecture of the Dolomites. Continue
Luciano Marson
Administrative studies, commercial vocation, businessman in maturity and designer on the way. In 1998 he was awarded the Compasso d’Oro for graphics while during his term as CEO of Horm has received two Compasso d’Oro in 2004 with Ripples and, in 2008, with the stand of the Salone del Mobile built in 2005. From 2010 to 2012 he was a consultant to the President of Albini Fontanot SPA. He is currently a consultant to Bross and Pimar Deisgn Collection and Creative Director of LightsOn. Continue
Studio Auber
Studio_Auber photographer. Marco Alberi Auber directs a group of young talents with different creative backgrounds. Continue
A synthetic language, an articulated structure made of simple elements, the combination of natural materials and advanced semi-fi nished products, a rigorous execution joined together with pursuit of a welcoming and full of stimulations living environment are the principles to which Studio_Gellner still nowadays is inspired. Continue
Studio Sanaa
Gianmaria Sforza
Architect and designer since 2001.  He holds a PhD in Landscape Architecture and until 2013 he has taught Architectural Design and Landscape Architecture at Politecnico di Milano. Continue